A Difference of Opinion

May 2021

During the 2018 election cycle, two names dominated Georgia news, and with good reason. Candidate and former State Representative Stacey Abrams challenged the results of her gubnatorial loss against Republican Brian Kemp. Kemp campaigned with commercials picturing him cleaning a shot gun while sitting in a rocking chair a’la Grand Ole Opry-style. While these commercials roused his base, many called them inappropriate and unnecessary. Abrams campaigned on a platform promoting ‘every voice’ and drew support from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and DC.

Independent Black Voice

July 2020

So often, we find ourselves at a crossroad of consciousness that causes us to choose whether or not we will be a voice for a cause we have been stirred by, or whether we will remain silent. For me being spurred to open my mouth came at quite a cost. Nearly 32 years ago I decided to be a silent witness to what I considered to be a great tragedy in my community, the targeting of black lies through abortion.

Clearer Vision, Clearer Purpose 2020

December 2019

A year ago, I was still wrestling with the notion that my daughter was pregnant. This normally joyous time in a woman’s life was marred by the timing of this blessed event. I had not told anyone, but I was going to run for office. This urging had been in the pit of my stomach for months. Having just completed a short sabbatical to write an academic memoir, Not So Cookie Cutter Kids, I witnessed the attacks against our President and recognized one painful truth: the socialist agenda would not stop willingly, it must be stopped by force.

A Woman for Trump

August 2019

It is pretty obvious, simply based on the sea of white faces I am surrounded by in this photo, that the Republican Party has an image problem. It is not for a lack of qualified marketing staff, nor the willingness to portray the diversity of thought that is the party itself. But a picture is still worth a thousand words and many of the ones this photo conjures up are not pleasant.

Sine Die

May 2019

When the mad house of political rhetoric comes to an end for the season on Sine Die, it is time to reflect. In Georgia, that was a pretty easy thing to do, thanks to Hollywood. Actually, more than just giving a general "thanks" to Hollywood, it seems more appropriate to thank Alyssa Milano. Based on that statement alone, nearly all of you know where I’m headed with this point, so let me cut to the chase.

Why Mueller Failed

March 2019

The United States Attorney General, a office held by select individuals over the course of American history, was recently asked to serve as special council on an investigation into potential foreign collusion in our 2016 electoral process. The face of that investigation was Robert Mueller, a 75 year old special appointee from New York, was a former FBI director and Marine who served in the Vietnam war. This highly decorated government servant will forever be linked to the current president, Donald J.

Respect My Truth

March 2019

In a day in which truth evolves depending on who is speaking it, interpreting it, and perhaps attempting to live it, we run the risk of over simplifying the idea of respecting truth as an innate right thing to do. While that intro might sound like a bunch of philosophical gibberish, consider this: all personal truth, that is, truth that is subjected to the beliefs or perceptions of a temporal position or identity is relative only to that individual.

KKK & The Party: A Series on the Democratic Party in America Part 3

February 2019 asserts that it is not fair to say that the Democratic Party founded the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist group found primarily in the Southern United States. What they could confer is that many early Democrats used the Klan as their strong arm. Of course, as with any underground organization, there is no transparency. Even the hooded marchers themselves disguise their racist identities in order to infiltrate mainline organizations, even politics.

A World at War: A Series on the Democratic Party in America Part 2

February 2019

In 1920, the Democratic Convention opened in San Francisco with a speech by Homer Cummings, who honored second term President Woodrow Wilson as ‘immortal’ for his work with the Treaty of Versailles by saying “In one sense it is quite immaterial what people say about the President. Nothing we can say can add or detract from the fame that will go down the unending channels of history.” This election, our eventual participation in World War I, and his domestic acts which contributed to President Franklin D.

Progress: A Series on the Democratic Party in America Part I

February 2019

It’s all in a word — progress, a forward motion that is indicative of change that is lofty in some way, more ethereal in nature, and, of course, redemptive. Progress, progressives, and progressive reform is synonymous with the Democratic party, and for good reason. In recent history, President Woodrow Wilson, who took office in 1913, based his theories about how to run the country in socialism. The former Governor of New Jersey called his presidential campaign the “New Freedom” which was in contrast and opposition to Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism.

Take a Leap

December 2018

“Once upon a time in America,” the famous lines of a 1980’s film by the same name that depicts the life of Jewish ghetto thugs who rise to prominence as Mafia heads in New York City. The all-star cast, led by DeNiro, gained minimal acclaim and lost money at the box office. But one thing it did do was become a legend of the American gangster films, especially with European audiences.

Word of the Year

December 2018

This time of year everyone is re-evaluating. Whether they are verbal or not, the mind naturally recalls the past twelve months, or longer, to check on the progression of goal attainment and overall achievement. Even when we don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, there is something about the human mind that causes us to reflect on our progress just for the sake of doing so. It is quite often that in the midst of this process, we set new goals, change directions in thinking, and congratulate or berate ourselves based on the perceived (self) performance in our lives.

Give It Away

November 2018

“For God so loved the world that he gave…” —John 3:16 NLV When we approach this time of year, we think about giving. Whether there are many persons on our shopping list oe few, it can be easy to get caught up in the idea that giving is more about stuff than it is about love. But God gave us the perfect perspective on giving when he sent Jesus to stand in our place.

Excerpts From 101 Dates With God

November 2018

101 Dates With God will be released on Amazon this Thanksgiving. Pre-sale is happening now for Kindle. 101 practical exploits dedicated to deepening the most important relationship of your life, the one you have with God. If dating God seems sacrilegious just imagine how he feels about your Sunday morning “spiritual” one night stands. It’s time to take your intimacy to a higher level. Faith Frontier Back when our nation was founded, courageous men, women, and children traveled West to settle the land, expand the nation, and in turn, they found gold.

Scalable Usefulness

November 2018

Whether it’s a glass ceiling we’re looking up at or the night sky, there’s a deep desire in every human to go higher—to pursue the unspoken dream that seems impossible yet equally probable. It is that point in our minds when we decide whether to take the high road, or the heavily trampled one because the ends no longer justify the means. This dichotomy of decision making, you know, weighing the options of giving it your all knowing that there’s a good chance you’ll still fall short or the option of the monotony that will surely follow a life of settling for the easier path of least resistance, is where the waters part.

Not a Bot

October 2018

There is a general acceptance of the Captcha click requirement we routinely buzz through when interacting online. We’ve all been hit with the spam attack and been inundated by robo-callers tying up our time. It started, few remember, back in the analog days with telemarketers and the “Do not call list.” We saw it skyrocket as customer service jobs started being shipped overseas like dollar store trinkets, leaving the Western public wondering who they could trust for service.

Please Dont

October 2018

There is a list of rules covering everything from operations at a cider house to ordinances concerning a park bench, and in an utter inability to pay obedience to those rules, people have stopped altogether — stopped thinking, stopped engaging, stopped being the dynamic human beings we are designed to be. Like any child who constantly hears ‘no’ many are just acting out of frustration for the glass ceiling and walls surrounding them — the unseen enemy that seems to be oppressing them through the imposition of a set of rules no one can abide by.

On High Alert

October 2018

It used to be fascinating to sit and people watch at the mall. Now Facebook is the mall and all we need to do is scroll from the comfort of our arm chairs to see the tomfoolery that is the average American on a rant. Case in point is the Presidential Alert that went out yesterday as apart of FEMA’s Emergency Management System. Most of us can still recall that jarring beep and color bars that used to interrupt the best part of a beloved television show just to tell us that the Emergency Response System was conducting a drill.

Righteous Man

September 2018

There’s no wonder people find little use for the term righteous anymore. The definition of the word escapes modern vernacular, being replaced by words like “decent”, “honest”, and “loyal.” For the most part, words that can be used to describe a piece of furniture, animal, or nonprofit organization. However, if we look at the word’s origin, the adjective ‘righteous’ actually has many definitions that have little to do with what a man does, instead rather yield to the benefit of those that have been given the credit of righteousness, thereby being deemed righteous.

Closing the Gangplank on the Enemy

September 2018

Our loved ones constitute a major assignment in our lives. God has created a family accountability that each one of us must take part in. So while you may have closed the spiritual door on the enemy, we must take the extra step of closing the spiritual gangplank which may be the link between your family and the world.

Proper Perspective on God's Parenting

September 2018

Feeling grounded? Deflated? Constricted? Look higher and get God’s perspective. There is a paradigm difference between earthly parenting and God’s perspective on parenting. Ephesians 6:1 reminds us as children to obey your parents in the Lord, for this is the right thing to do. But as children of God, the context is much higher. Unlike our earthly parents, God understands us in a way that a builder understands his creation.