A Woman for Trump

August 2019

A Woman for Trump

It is pretty obvious, simply based on the sea of white faces I am surrounded by in this photo, that the Republican Party has an image problem. It is not for a lack of qualified marketing staff, nor the willingness to portray the diversity of thought that is the party itself. But a picture is still worth a thousand words and many of the ones this photo conjures up are not pleasant. Not pleasant even though it is filled with women, educated, successful women who represent diverse backgrounds, unique talents and abilities, both mothers and grandmothers all united in a single cause for the mere betterment of their communities. That is what Women for Trump represents. Yet, to some, this group, this photo even, is an attack on their very existence.

How does one reconcile the intention to how a photo like this is received by a significant portion of the very society the women in this picture are hoping to help by supporting our President? It answer is a sticky one — which is why I only provide my perspective on why I am a Woman for Trump.

“Follow the money,” it’s been said. Chase the dollar even. Get that paper. Cash rules everything around me. These are all street colloquialisms for “money makes the world go ‘round.” While no one really likes this truism, they cannot deny that whether you are a ‘have’ or a ‘have not,’ money is part of your daily life, conversations, worries, and delights.

But our Republic, with its grand mantras and ideals, its pathway to capitalism, has been in debt for quite some time. Our management of money has saddled the next generation with an anchor around their proverbial necks. With no end to the Congressional spending in sight, America’s global rating dropped significantly over the past twenty years and we find ourselves looking for that person who can cauterize the economic wound bleeding us out.

When former President Obama ran his tagline of “Yes, we can,” it was the promise of hope — a hope based in the urban struggle, the local-boy-done-good category of common folks (or at least people who have some ties to common folks) taking back their government from the bureaucrats who have all but bankrupted it. The problem was realized when after eight years of a majority administration, “blacks and browns” were still struggling, still broken, still compromised in the systemic blight that is poverty.

There is no doubt that when an American person of color was first able to cast a ballot for someone who more resembled them in appearance, it was a good feeling. It was for some, myself included, the realization of a dream that began back in time— a dream called equality. And it shattered the common Tupac sentiment that America was not ready for a black president. Obama’s inauguration did great things for the identity of black people — his presidency reignited a cultural spark that meant renegades would step out of the shadows and ‘say it with their chests’ again. It brought pride to black men who had been targeted for extinction by special interest groups posing as civic and healthcare organizations. Obama gave the nation the optic it needed; but that’s where the list of accomplishments ends.

America needs more than the cultural shot in the arm and photo opp. America needs business acumen, global bargaining power, a stable and growing economy. In short, it needs people to be able to earn a wage that allows them to raise their family. Of the list of human survival needs: food, shelter, and clothing, money covers all of them. While we hope and pray people feel good about themselves, that feeling is actually a want, not a need. Yet the disinformation machine presses on dividing our nation based on whim, folly, emotional pandering, melanin, and hyped-up feelings.

Sometimes life’s not all hunky-dory. Sometimes, life sucks. But if you can pay your bills, and support your family financially, then you have positioned yourself for the shift. You are ready for the change in season. You have given yourself a chance at winning. This doesn’t guarantee the ‘good vibes only’ so many now demand in order to be functional.

So perhaps unlike any other President in history, Donald J. Trump actually needs a group of women willing to step up in a new way and show their support for his administration. Since frustration levels are continually being fueled by emotional race-baiting on the screen, our Commander-in-Chief relies on the MAGA hat wearing, sign-waving gang tremendously. They, I mean, we are the cheerleaders this President needs.

While naysayers might default to the President’s ego as the driving force behind the need for the often, platinum blonde crew, I have the luxury of reminding folks of the many reasons why supporting the man inside The Office is not just good for him; it’s good for me.

President Trump has volunteered to be the face of the rebellion; the rebellion of the millions of Americans who are tired of status quo, establishment politicians. People who, like me, want to cut the puppet master’s strings off of our Congress and other governing bodies. We are counting on President Trump being the rough-edged, cocky wrecking ball he has been proven to be so that our children and our children’s children have a chance at living in a free America. While it may sound cliche and even childish, Donald J. Trump has reignited the dreams of independent thinkers from one coast to another simply be being himself.

Facts aside, Trump’s perceived lack of allegiance and decorum also works in his favor. He has been around long enough, as he pointed out in his first debate as then candidate Trump, to know people on both sides of the aisle. That familiarity made him a strange bedfellow to those who would bring down our Republic, while solidifying his reign as friend to the common man. There is no wonder his enemies wage a relentless war in the media to discount his character (as if any of his supporters placed a value on perfect character when voting for him) and to discredit his accomplishments (which, despite the reluctance of some journalists, cannot be denied).

President Trump came out of left field, and like a rash, irritated the heck out of the Clinton-machine. Yet in the midst of his male bravado, he has found a way to endure himself to women and men who dare to recall America as it once was — a place of hope.

It is unlikely that any sane person would deny the past failures of our nation as minuscule or shallow. Even in that painful recollection, the criticism should be met with the kind of optimism our forefathers had when they set about creating this Republic — an optimism grounded in the manifest destiny every man longs for once the glimmer of freedom shines in his heart. President Trump’s ability to negotiate trade, redirect business back to our communities, and strengthen our national economy is the route to freedom for middle America and countless others.

Standing in line for government cheese and relying on free lunch from school forces me to be Pro Trump. I use the word ‘forces’ intentionally because I know all too well what American poverty feels like. I know that many Americans still struggle the way I did as a child. There are people in urban communities who cannot feed their children without a government handout. Yet, it is by teaching people to fish that we alter the trajectories of their lives, not by subsidies to purchase fish for a single meal. It is how we make America great again. Welfare has failed as has socialism, but capitalism still lives on. And capitalism is where Donald J. Trump thrives.

It doesn’t matter what Twitter reports or the potential for offense found in an off-cuff comment. What matters is families eating; quality of life, dealing with the deficit, and bringing jobs back to our shores. What matters is not how the President thinks of me as an individual, nor an ethnic collective for that matter, rather it is the chance to do as our Constitution prescribes: seeking after life, liberty, and my pursuit of happiness. This is the legacy of President Trump. we must develop a willingness to recognize would be insults as mere words and look instead to actions — actions that place America back in the global driver’s seat.

Because I was discarded by black communities for being too white, and disdained by whites for failing the ‘one drop’ test, I recognize the insignificance of other’s opinions instead focusing on my God-given identity. This is how we must view this President — understanding that the man may not represent the office as we would like; he is, in fact, representing in a way that we need.

President Trump is good for America. Yes, good for America.

Xenophobic. Racist. Narcissistic. These are just a few of the labels placed on the man that is saving our economy. The man who demanded that the needs of our citizenry, not the wants mind you, be placed above the needs of new immigrants coming to our shores illegally. The same man who negotiated trade with nations we were afraid to reach out to in past administrations. The man who may have offended half of the population while ensuring that ALL of our citizens have a greater chance at true freedom.

In other words, if I am told to “Get back where I came from,” but he (President Trump) provides for the economy security of my community, I forgive because America is worth it…

If I am told, “You can’t,” because of an illogical rationale yet I am taught to fish instead of being given lip service…

If I find myself being caught up in the frenzy of impeachment, collusion, or other kinds of treachery, I need only look at the overwhelming evidence that supersedes emotional bias to realize that the dream that is America — the one men and women have bled for — that dream is still alive because we have a president willing to fight for it. How can I not join him?

Humans will always offend other humans (and some animals too). Every offense in not racism — nowadays, very few are. But you can only determine that for yourself, every time you encounter an offense. Because, guess what? Offense can happen everyday and we owe it to ourselves and this country to pinpoint the origin rather than plastering the r-word on everything. When we condition ourselves to see ‘race’ as the primary identifier that separates people instead of character, economy, citizenship, or culture, we set ourselves up for a perpetual war no one can win.

I am a Woman for Trump not just because I respect the office he sits in; I respect President Trump, the man, because he had dared to do what no man has done before- and he is doing it, successfully. I am a Woman for Trump because like he, I believe America is the greatest country on earth. I am a Woman for Trump because I recognize that our President has sacrificed much for millions of people he will never meet, yet he has proven his love for and allegiance to. I Am a Woman for Trump not just because of the “ facts” of his victory, but because his content of his character demonstrates a steadfast love for America. As an American, I must be a Woman for Trump.

Lisa Noël Babbage

Lisa Noel Babbage is a author, teacher, and patriot who is dedicated to rebuilding communities through philanthropy and activism.

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