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A Difference of Opinion

May 2021

During the 2018 election cycle, two names dominated Georgia news, and with good reason. Candidate and former State Representative Stacey Abrams challenged the results of her gubnatorial loss against Republican Brian Kemp. Kemp campaigned with commercials picturing him cleaning a shot gun while sitting in a rocking chair a’la Grand Ole Opry-style. While these commercials roused his base, many called them inappropriate and unnecessary. Abrams campaigned on a platform promoting ‘every voice’ and drew support from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and DC.

Independent Black Voice

July 2020

So often, we find ourselves at a crossroad of consciousness that causes us to choose whether or not we will be a voice for a cause we have been stirred by, or whether we will remain silent. For me being spurred to open my mouth came at quite a cost. Nearly 32 years ago I decided to be a silent witness to what I considered to be a great tragedy in my community, the targeting of black lies through abortion.

Clearer Vision, Clearer Purpose 2020

December 2019

A year ago, I was still wrestling with the notion that my daughter was pregnant. This normally joyous time in a woman’s life was marred by the timing of this blessed event. I had not told anyone, but I was going to run for office. This urging had been in the pit of my stomach for months. Having just completed a short sabbatical to write an academic memoir, Not So Cookie Cutter Kids, I witnessed the attacks against our President and recognized one painful truth: the socialist agenda would not stop willingly, it must be stopped by force.