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Clearer Vision, Clearer Purpose 2020

December 2019

A year ago, I was still wrestling with the notion that my daughter was pregnant. This normally joyous time in a woman’s life was marred by the timing of this blessed event. I had not told anyone, but I was going to run for office. This urging had been in the pit of my stomach for months. Having just completed a short sabbatical to write an academic memoir, Not So Cookie Cutter Kids, I witnessed the attacks against our President and recognized one painful truth: the socialist agenda would not stop willingly, it must be stopped by force.

A Woman for Trump

August 2019

It is pretty obvious, simply based on the sea of white faces I am surrounded by in this photo, that the Republican Party has an image problem. It is not for a lack of qualified marketing staff, nor the willingness to portray the diversity of thought that is the party itself. But a picture is still worth a thousand words and many of the ones this photo conjures up are not pleasant.