A Difference of Opinion

May 2021

A Difference of Opinion

During the 2018 election cycle, two names dominated Georgia news, and with good reason. Candidate and former State Representative Stacey Abrams challenged the results of her gubnatorial loss against Republican Brian Kemp. Kemp campaigned with commercials picturing him cleaning a shot gun while sitting in a rocking chair a’la Grand Ole Opry-style. While these commercials roused his base, many called them inappropriate and unnecessary. Abrams campaigned on a platform promoting ‘every voice’ and drew support from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and DC. The evenly matched race drew national attention when Abrams and her supporters criticized Kemp for overseeing the election he was a candidate in as Secretary of State. And rightly so.

Eventually, Kemp passed the torch to an Interim Secretary of State, but not before pubic outcry started the weathering effect on Kemp’s reputation. That reputation was further tarnished when he nominated an unknown businesswoman to fulfill the rest of Senator Isakson’s term. Abrams’ never conceded the race - her nonprofit, Fair Fight Action stays on the forefront of American politics, nationwide. In the past 2 15 years, Abrams has raised awareness and turned out black voters around the nation, for Democrats. Her socialist agenda however, should not be commended. I myself, have a difference of opinion.

Abrams has used outside money to influence Georgia politics, and the rest of America’s battleground states, under the guise of equality and inclusivity. Her rhetoric has stirred many, yet the “facts” she shares are misinterpretations of foundational understandings that have proven to be in the best interest of everyone in the country because they are based on our Constitution. In short, Abrams’ lies to gain power - like many of her Democrat comrades, Abrams will spin a story in order to extract the pain and guilt, then capitalize on it. Hers is not a focus of equality and inclusion… it is of propaganda and a socialist extreme. #I’mNotStacey.

Stacey brings complaints, we need solutions. The district Stacey represented for over a decade earns less money than the state average at every educational level. The growth markers she oversaw in metro Atlanta are dismal, at best. In this voter’s opinion, the Wisconsin native has lost sight of what it means to be black in America. Her district does not reflect the personal success she has experienced after nearly 20 years in politics, and millions of dollars in funding from outside sources. Her district has not experienced the same success - and she has not looked back.

Her take on SB202, Georgia’s Election Integrity Act is full of outright lies and strategic explanations that add confusion rather than solution (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/stacey-abrams-georgia-voting-law-response/). This ultimately led to Major League Baseball moving their All Star game to Denver, costing Atlanta businesses 100 million in potential revenue. Abrams hit black America right in the pocketbook just like she hit us in the polls when she criticized laws that keep our votes from being deluded with fraudulent votes.

There has been a concerted effort in public education and the media to create an generation of civic-illiterate voters. Fair Fight Action can bend and twist truth as a result, impacting local and even national elections. The influence and impact socialist-leaning movements, like those led by Stacey Abrams, are not in the best interest of black America. They are not in the best interest of Americans of any hue. While I recognize the inherent need for Americans of all political and social affiliations to contribute to legislation and policy, we must stay true to our founding which established the freedom and opportunity afford every citizen. This foundation on which our nation stands is still strong enough to govern her people.

Lisa Noël Babbage

Lisa Noel Babbage is a author, teacher, and patriot who is dedicated to rebuilding communities through philanthropy and activism.

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