Independent Black Voice

July 2020

Independent Black Voice

So often, we find ourselves at a crossroad of consciousness that causes us to choose whether or not we will be a voice for a cause we have been stirred by, or whether we will remain silent. For me being spurred to open my mouth came at quite a cost. Nearly 32 years ago I decided to be a silent witness to what I considered to be a great tragedy in my community, the targeting of black lies through abortion. Since those days of silently standing outside one of two Planned Parenthood clinics in my community, I have become much more vocal; much more present in my advocacy for the unborn.

There is a real personal motivation as to why I choose this battle as my own, of course. It is not just because I believe life is sacred, which it is. It is not just because I am a Christian, which I am. Honestly, the reason I would participate in a press conference to speak on the right to life is motivated more so today because of the long term effect this practice has had on the black community - a devastating one.

I’ve had an unplanned pregnancy. I know what it is like to be in a situation I am completely unprepared for, and one I would rather avoid. No matter my choice, I sympathize with every woman and man in those same shoes. I’ve worked as a crisis pregnancy counselor to help mitigate that same need to relieve stress, find a solution-oriented sounding board, and of course, just to be that shoulder so many women need when faced with a tough decision like how to deal with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. This is not about morality or religion.

My resolve to keep getting involved in the conversation of why abortion is a game changer in the worse way for black Americans and many other minorities is all based on statistics and science. Science says life begins at conception. Even the word ‘conception’ means to begin. Scientifically speaking, a species that ends itself voluntarily will become extinct in a matter of time. That is what black Americans have done for generations. Our numbers represent the dwindling populations in every field. These represent the continual decrease in black lives that make it to adulthood, and even fewer are the number of black Americans, especially males, who make it to retirement. Statistically speaking, black Americans are bordering on being an endangered species.

It’s often said within the community that drugs, jail, and gangs take black men out. But the truth is, abortion has taken more black men out that jail, drugs, and drive-bys combined. Planned parenthood has the largest body count in the ghetto; no gang has anything on them. Again, morality aside, there is no way any person can argue the facts: Planned Parenthood kills more blacks that any other group on Earth. And they do so with the help of other blacks.

The sick and twisted part of this whole cause to which I am so inextricably bound is the other truth that Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of the movement to eliminate blacks, and other undesirable groups, used black clergy and propagandized media to convince women that abortion is health care. Not to put too fine a point on it, but in no way can ending a life be called health “care.” So we use words like fetus to deceive people into thinking there is no need for other options. Of course, there are options. Those options should be synonymous with choice, but the aren’t. [Pro] Choice should not leave a person feeling empty and hurt, but in many cases it does. Until we give women, including those forming in the womb, every option available to them we remain part of the problem plaquing black lives.

Yes, black lives do matter. They matter so much we need to look at every adversary black Americans face. Statistically and scientifically, the number one enemy of black lives is abortion.

Without voting power, black Americans continue to be behind the political eight ball. Fewer black owned businesses mean fewer internships, community builder, and routes out of poverty black kids have. Fewer black heroes mean fewer people to look up to that “look like me.” At the root of all of these disparages is the fact that black Americans are out produced by every other ethnicity in this country. This trend will continue as long as black women continue to offer their womb up to be ravaged by the abortionist suction.

There’s no easy way to raise a child by yourself - this I know personally. But you can’t sing Whitney Houston’s “I believe the children are our future” without recognizing the lack of future mass abortion gives all of us.

Lisa Noël Babbage

Lisa Noel Babbage is a author, teacher, and patriot who is dedicated to rebuilding communities through philanthropy and activism.

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