The Merry Berry Cookbooks

Collection of Recipes

The Merry Berry Cookbooks

For generations, people have sought out cookbooks to help them create flavorful bites that are satisfying and memorable. Every time you enter the kitchen to cook, you enter not only the heart of the home, but you embark on a trip toward memories friends and family will recall for years to come. Each cookbook features a specific fruit that, whether in sweet or savory recipes, becomes the star of the meal.

With the initial Collection, Strawberry, recipes have been collected from around the world, joining together tradition, taste, and flavor to create some of the most memorable dishes you will ever serve. With full color illustrations and anecdotes on select recipes, The Merry Merry Cookbooks are a needed addition to any recipe collection. Sold individually or in a twelve set volume (Botany Bay, 2019), The Merry Berry Cookbooks are a nod to the world famous British food writer, Mary Berry, and Lisa Noël Babbage’s love of fruit.

Sample Recipes

Savory Meets Sweet Strawberry-Jalapeno Salsa Burgers

“A perfect mix of sweet and spice. Let the juices drip into a burger of your choosing and discover a new way to enjoy America’s pastime. Strawberry-Jalapeno Salsa Burgers tick every box by combining heat and sweet with the crunch of celery and the tanginess of vinegar.”

“Burgers come alive with a heaping serving of Strawberry-Jalapeno Salsa spread on top. The juiciness of the topping rejuvenates a dry meat, like turkey, making it zing with flavor.”

Nutty Strawberry Scones

“So long blueberry. Nutty Strawberry Scones with almond and fresh berries dress up a plate. Elevate the dish with creme fraise for a new breakfast favorite or heat slightly for a warming afternoon snack that truly satisfies.”

“Slivered almonds compliment the strawberry scone, as does the lemon icing drizzled on top. You can’t eat just one!”

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