Caremarc MHM University Curriculum


CareMARC is the proprietary curriculum used by Maranatha House Ministries, Inc., as part of MHM University. Available to public service and mental health professionals, CareMARC meets the needs of adults in transition from crisis situations, such as experiencing homelessness, toward self sufficiency. This nine month course is specialized in four learning quadrants: Financial Literacy, Parenting, Workplace Re-education, and Personal Development. Our course offerings are built according to the individual needs and education desires of ear learner under the supervision of a case manager while in transitional housing.

About the Learning Quadrants

Hit the mark with CareMARC. The first phase of CareMARC curriculum is Modeling. Throughout this phase, clients are mentored one on one and in small groups to model appropriate behaviors in each of the four learning quadrants. Progression through the Modeling phase is instrumental in a client’s ability to successfully graduate from the program.

The Second Phase is Application, allowing clients to apply their skills and knowledge acquired during the Modeling phase. The Application phase requires clients to take a level of ownership beyond the mentoring level, and provides parents with tools to implement strategies within their families.

Both the Reteaching and Cooperation phases work in tandem as their provide a practicum by which clients re-enter independent lives outside of the supportive housing setting. Easily applicable to other long-term residential programs, CareMARC provides the guidelines by which effective progress monitoring is achieved in the public service sector. Within the final two phases of the CareMARC curriculum, client demonstrate mastery of self sufficiency skills through leading small groups, discussions, and completing personal goals.

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